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Fans & Blowers

Fans for HVAC and general ventilation applications

Jeddah filters sub branch dealing in HVAC Engineering are leading manufacturers of fan products with over ten years of ventilation experience.  We offer a comprehensive range of fans and related ancillaries to meet the needs of the Mechanical Services industry.

Fans Blowers

Fans & Blowers

HVAC blowers and industrial fans

For large scale HVAC projects and industrial / mining  applications in saudi arabia , based in jeddah industrial area ,Dammam and Jubail , JF HVAC Engineering manufactures the  of centrifugal blowers and specialised fans.


We specialize in filter baghouse for crushers and industrial plants , both in terms of manufacturing, maintenance and installation. In June 2011 we signed our license and registration with the Department of Environment and Meteorology in Saudi Arabia(PME) for the installation of  filtration systems for against dust/smoke pollution throughout the Kingdom. We are providing a wide range of industrial filters and dust collector spare parts.
We are a manufacturer and marketer of a national based in Saudi Arabia for the filtration system.
Jeddah Filters company based in Saudi Arabia, quality is our top priority and is considered the most important commitment to our customers. We employ industrialized without squandering and strict quality controls to ensure that our products are of high quality and cost-effective. Continuing to invest in improving the process and new technologies to ensure that we offer innovative solutions, cost-effective and high-quality filtration operations to the challenges of our customers.

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