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Rooftop fans do a very effective job and play a vital part in every building's ventilation. They are particularly helpful in removing anything from polluted air, foul cooking odours, and unnecessary moisture or heat to toxic smoke particles and grease laden vapours in restaurants, commercial kitchen ventilation systems and any other industrial space. These rooftop fans in Jeddah boost the quality of indoor air by filtering out polluted air and help create a safer, more enjoyable atmosphere for staff and customers alike. They help keep buildings protected from microbial growth by drawing away moisture.

The Rooftop fans at Jeddah Filters are designed for commercial/industrial heavy duty use. Our rooftop exhaust fans are equipped to be ventilated near or far from the surface for general ventilation purposes, allowing for short or long duct runs and more efficient operation. These kind of rooktop fans are the best because of grease filters and grease runs as well as we since the engine is usually away from the air stream.

At Jeddah Filters, we offer the rooftop fans in Jeddah in two varieties:

Upblast Rooftop Fan At Saudi

➔ An upblast fan exhausts or blasts air up and away from the fan.

➔ At Jeddah Filters, UpBlast Roof Exhaust Fans are designed for heavy duty commercial / industrial uses, including higher static pressures and CFM requirements, such as paint booth exhaust, chemical fume exhaust, dust particles, grease laden air, air circulation, etc.

➔ Works best for treating dirty air.

➔ Heavy gauge aluminium windband with a rolled bead for stability.

➔ To block leakage, rooftop fans at Jeddah filters have an enclosed windband perimeter.

➔ Fast release latches without special tools allow quick removal of the motor compartment

Downblast Rooftop Fan at Saudi
➔ It blows air back down towards the fan base after pulling it up through the duct work.
➔ Ideal for use in hotels, offices , restaurants, schools , hospitals, and light industrial applications. Specially designed under higher static pressures to draw more oxygen.
➔ This is a very powerful exhaust fan with a balanced wheel as well as an air inlet system that helps preserve low levels of noise and increases the motor 's life.
➔ Attractive spun aluminum exterior.
➔ Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation.
➔ Curved non-overloading backward inclined wheel for efficiency at higher static

From installation to repair, we are industry leaders when it comes to rooftop fans in Saudi Arabia. We offer end-to-end industrial and commercial filter solutions. In addition, you can count on our years of experience and trust us with our product quality. To get full solutions for your industrial needs, email Jeddah filters today.


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